Thursday, December 02, 2010

How Does Love Give?

The LORD said, “I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering. So I have come down to rescue them…So now, go. I am sending you… Ex 3:7-8, 10

Our Advent theme of Love Gives didn’t originate with the birth narratives of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels. I find in Exodus 3 an amazing theology that both gives me great hope and provides a template for my life. I encourage you to remember these four aspects of God’s character as you venture through this Christmas season! Here’s what we learn about God from Exodus 3:
  • He sees misery: Have you ever been overwhelmed by an injustice? Are you ever tempted to believe God has His back turned toward a circumstance causing great pain? The truth is God sees! Nothing escapes His notice. More than a passive perspective, God is actually mentioned numerous times in the Bible as actually searching! (2 Chronicles 16:9, John 4:23)
  • He hears cries: As a father, my ears are tuned to the unique cries of my daughters. When I hear any cry of a child, my heart is tugged, but hearing my daughter’s cry engages me like nothing else. It is no different with God. Your tears are actually portrayed in a poetic sense as of great value to Him. (Psalm 56:8)
  • He is concerned with suffering: I love it that God is not indifferent to what He sees and hears. I love that when God sees injustice and pain, when He hears cries, it causes concern in him. I wish we followers of Jesus modeled this concern more. Read this slowly: God is not indifferent to the destructive effects of sin and the pain caused by sin. He is infinitely concerned!
  • He engages…through his obedient followers: Love and concern, from Heaven’s standpoint, are never passive traits. God always does something with His love – He always gives in response to love. What is God’s response to what He sees, hears and feels? He told Moses that He has come down to remedy what was broken. How did He do it? Don’t miss this! Loves Gives right? God gave… Moses! Look at verse 10 above…He tells Moses to go…God is sending Him in answer to the cries He has heard.

There is something here for us PCC, especially this Christmas season. As you venture along your way this month, keep your eyes open, keep your ears open, keep your heart broken over what you see and hear, and realize God wants to engage, because that is what love does…Love Gives! God wants to engage by sending you and me.

To be a tool of God to minister in the lives of people, what great endeavor is there worth giving our lives to?

This Sunday, we continue in our Love Gives series looking at Love Gives Grace. Hang out in the prologue of John’s gospel, John 1:1-18 prior to coming Sunday. Take note especially of verses 14-18 and come with your heart prepared and an eagerness to serve.