Friday, March 09, 2012

Amazingly Ordinary People

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations… Matthew 24:14
Give me eight minutes this week and you may never recover!  I promise.  Before I start my eight-minute countdown, let me remind us all that this weekend we Spring Forward into Daylight Savings time.  Set your clock ahead an hour on Saturday when you go to bed!

Minute 1: Background Trent and Tabby Cox are just two of the most amazingly ordinary people you will ever meet. He’s the kind of man, I would stereotypically think of when I think, “good ole southern boy.”  She’s the salt of the earth.  Their humility and unpretentious air almost betray the fact that they both have PhD’s in veterinary medicine, and close to 10 years as veterans on the mission field. Some 12-13 years ago they landed on the Peninsula to pursue their dream, with all the American accoutrements in their sights. 

But God had a bigger dream for them to live into, and they found themselves trading in their “small” dreams for God’s kingdom dream. (You can read about God’s kingdom dream in Matthew 24:14 above…but not on my eight minutes I asked you for!)  They sensed the call; PCC invested in, supported and deployed them.  Some nine years later, they are on the precipice of endeavoring to reach the three remaining “unreached peoples” in all of Ethiopia.

Weekly, when I thank you for investing through PCC, people like the Cox’s are who I am referring to!  Thanks to our small part in partnering with their incredibly huge sacrifice, this partnership is reaping a harvest we all should be thankful for.  
Minutes 2-8: See for Yourselves   Here’s the good part…a picture is worth a thousand words.  I know I am biased, because I love these people and have seen firsthand their labor in Ethiopia.  But this video did something for me; I think it will be of value to you, too.  Watch for yourselves by clicking this link.

Overtime: This Sunday we continue in our Rabbi Series looking at Luke 6:1-11.  Please read up and come humbly this week asking God, “Where does legalism live in my heart, in my life?”  You will also meet the Cox’s as we will commission them and pray for Ethiopia.  Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward Saturday night! 
I love being your pastor!