Friday, May 06, 2011

And God Created Woman

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

Let's talk gender for a few moments. Scratch that; let's celebrate the female gender for a few moments! In the creation narratives in Genesis, God established humans for the sole purpose to be in relationship with Him, and to mirror his character, and to be in an empowering intimate relationship with each other. Because masculinity alone would not adequately reflect the image of God, He created woman.

Adam modeled how men are to relate to the unique creation of feminity - women - in his gut response when he first laid eyes on a woman. When God presented Eve to Adam, He actually broke out in Hebrew song and praise, audibly honoring her before God. (Read for yourself in Genesis 2:23-24.) Oh, how far we have come as a depraved culture!

Like the ultimate act of vandalism, human sin and rebellion from God marred His perfect design and left in its wak a trail of pain and destruction that both impacted God's plan and left what was once an other worldly design in shambles - but not irreparable! (That's why we celebrate with such passion on Easter and every Sunday.)

Rather than celebrate and honor feminity - womanhood - our broken culture defaults to objectifying, degrading, disrespecting, neglecting, and generally taking for granted the unique and amazing design of God in creating woman. I would exhort all of us men to follow Jesus' lead here in the way He valued, respected and honored women.

Can I encourage you in two ways? Can we live into being a church that respects, honors, advocates for and prays for women inside and outside of our community? Men, will you take time this Sunday to celebrate, honor and express to the women in your life how valuable they are to both God and you?

It is because in the Kingdom of God we are designed to, through Christ, return to life as God intended it to be lived that we endeavor to honor and celebrate what the Kingdom celebrates, and this Sunday we will capitalize on the Mother's Day holiday to celebrate Mothers and Others: Women Who Give Life!

We have creatively designed our morning gatherings (no Sunday night gathering this week) to celebrate biblical feminity. We are bringing in a speaker who is passionate Christ-follower, comes from a place of brokenness, and has an amazing story that is being used nationally as she speaks around the country. She is now involved in a show on MTV to reach a whole new generation with her story. Becoming Miss America 2008 elevated Kristen Haglund's platform to a whole new level. This young woman will challenge us all.

Please don't come alone this weekend. Bring friends, neighbors, and loved ones who would benefit from seeing a Jesus community gathering to celebrate together. Everyone wants to belong - everyone.

I love being your pastor!