Thursday, April 03, 2014

God's Heart for the World

Dear PCC,

Greetings to a wonderful body of believers who demonstrate a consistent understanding that our brothers and sisters around the world are all part of our family.

We have another opportunity this Sunday to show our family we care.  God’s Heart for the World Offering is PCC’s periodic venue that impacts local ministries, partners with worldwide churches, and drives new initiatives in reaching the remaining 25% of the globe without a viable Gospel witness.

If you’ve been following your 30 Days to Pray devotional, you know the opportunities.  Our city is in great need of people who care about our international neighbors, and in practically helping children and adults in literacy.   Through this we build relationships where people experience the salt and light of the gospel and are drawn to Christ. 

Secondly, we serve our church partners around the world who are engaged in holistic ministry in their own communities.  This year our focus is on our partner churches in Mexico and the Congo. The Mexican church will be able to serve their own community by specifically providing eldercare needs with the love of Jesus.  The Congolese church will have resources to reach deeper into villages by training spiritual leaders in Community Health Evangelism and help farmers in productivity for needed food supply and income.

Finally we are training African leaders to reach the most unreached communities of North Africa, Sudan, Chad and Southwest Ethiopia (through Trent and Tabby Cox).  These African missionaries are eager for training to multiply the growth of the Church where it does not yet exist. 
Each of these initiatives has been carefully and prayerfully chosen because of its potential to multiply your investment many times over.  If you have not already, please prayerfully consider how God would lead you and your family into building the Kingdom of God in this way and bring your offering Sunday, April 6. 

Gratefully serving God’s world with you,

Gary Gaddini, Pastor and John Becker, Mission Chair

P.S.  You can also give online.   Designate “God’s Heart  Offering” under Online Giving on the PCC site.