Thursday, March 06, 2014

Summary on Money

One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty. Proverbs 11:24

Let’s continue the conversation from Sunday regarding money. I promised you that I would follow up from Sunday with this Gmail.  Let me reiterate that I feel so fortunate to be in such a generous community that largely understands the stewardship principles set out in Proverbs.  At PCC, our vision is to equip you to leverage all that you are for God’s purposes in this world.  What else would we want our lives to count for but for God’s purposes?

So, in no certain order or priority, here is the follow up I promised from Sunday:

  • A Summary Teaching of Proverbs on Money- You can’t understand the biblical view of money unless you are prepared to accept a number of truths held in tension.
  1. You’ll probably acquire more money if you work hard and are full of wisdom. But if all you care about is getting more money, you are the biggest fool.
  2. Money is a blessing from God, but you’ll be more blessed if you give it away.
  3. God gives you money because He is generous, but He is generous with you so that you can be generous with others. And if you are generous with your money, God will likely be more generous with you.
  4. It is wise to save money, but don’t ever think money gives you real security.
  5. Wealth is more desirable than poverty, but wealth is not as good as righteousness, humility, wisdom, good relationships, and the fear of the Lord.

PCC, you don’t have to walk your financial path alone!  PCC has financial coaches who are here to come alongside you and help you understand Biblical and practical principles of financial stewardship.  You can access those coaches and sign up for our upcoming financial freedom seminar on March 22 through our website.

This weekend we continue our trek through the Proverbs looking at the issue of inner peace and contentment.  As always, I look forward to gathering together this Sunday.

I love being your Pastor!