Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Mission

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in life, in love and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12

The strength of PCC lies not in our Pastors but in our people! I am writing this missive in the back seat of a car lined up at the US-Mexico boarder after having spent 24 hours with our PCC Mexico team of some 110 teenagers and adults. If you ever wanted to see a snapshot of what People Changing Communities looks like, it doesn't get much clearer than what this team is experiencing! Imagine being a part of:

  • Intentional Christ-Saturated, Life-Changing Community: I was remineded that there is nothing on earth like the "Church" (the organic life-changing movement Jesus gave His life for, not the human created institution) that can foster such profound life-giving and life-transforming change in people. I witnessed students and adults living out our seven values in the dirt of Ensenada and it was beautiful. Students and leaders were living authentically in a biblically functioning community, praying for each other, confessing sin, giving and receiving grace, feasting on the Word, worshiping under the evening stars and morning skies of Ensenada, coming to Christ, and growing in Him. It is by no means an easy week, but there is profound, other-worldly joy in the camp.

  • Intentaional Missional Community Partnerships: One of the effective aspects of short-term mission trips is both the absence of background noise in our lives (think iPods and screens of any kind) and the laser-like focus of being on mission. What God is using to build His Kingdom through PCC on the Peninsula is what God is using to build His Kingdom in Ensenada. The team is serving their way into people's hearts and meeting real needs in the name of Jesus. They are, through local church partnerships that have been growing for years, building homes, senior centers, working in a rehab center, ministering in an orphanage for severely disabled children and engaging in sports ministry. They are prayer walking the streets and engaging people. These good deeds are creating good will and the Good News is being shared.

I shared with the team last night how proud I am of them and thanked them for living out both our mission and values as clearly as I have ever seen in any ministry of PCC. Thank God for this community of servants! Being on mission always should be at the core of our lives whether on a short-term trip or with our ordinary lives and days on the Peninsula!

Our team will be back in time to join us for Easter Sunday. Then the Sunday after Easter, we have cleared all three gatherings to let them share their Mexico experience with us. They are that valuable! PCC, we must follow their lead when it comes to living passionately and intentionally in community for Jesus.

Are you ready for an amazing weekend? It all starts this Friday with Sacred Spaces, the Prayer Labyrinth and then a powerful Good Friday worship service at 7:30pm. On Sunday, remember to invite everyone and either carpool or park as far away as possible. If you are coming without guests, please consider coming to our 8am gathering so as to leave seats open for the later gatherings.

It promises to be an amazing weekend! I can't wait to experience it together.

I Love Being Your Pastor!