Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thanks to a Parking Spot

It was a declaration of independence, an emancipation proclamation. After months of interaction, questions, doubts and suspicion, after weeks of tepidly entering into the PCC community on Sundays, exploring if she could belong as she figures out what she believed, Jan (not her real name) sent me the following email. This is the abridged version.

I read the book of Johm like you said. I have my questions written out. I've read other books in the Bible since the book of John. I keep going back to church. I even brought a friend. :) She enjoyed it, too. So I'm still going to church...except for when I'm sick and then I'm grateful that it's on the internet. I'm feeling an internal shilft and it feels safe. Still the same chaos in life, THAT has definitely NOT changed, but I have an internal shift going on and the only thing I can equate it to is having Faith. It feels pretty safe.

Two weeks ago when communion was offered at church, I even walked up and participated in it. That was an amazing experience. When I shared "bread" I brought it back to my seat. I talked to God before I put it in my mouth. I was feeling pretty good, like I was in the right place. Then I broke the bread in my mouth and my spirit broke and I just sat there and sobbed. Freedom. Anyway, there's more, but I just wanted to share that I think I'm learning to have Faith. :)

Wow! In His sovereignty, God used and is using many, many factors in calling this young mother of two to Him. The most unusual factor God used was a parking spot! If you attended this week's 10:30 gathering, you heard her story firsthand but for those of you who didn't, let me recap that story for us all.

After many encounters with PCCers in our community (including conjuring up the boldness to come up to me at Trader Joe's in the produce section) and many invitations from us to come visit PCC some Sunday, Jan's life-pain was finally greater than her fear of entering into PCC alone. She came... sorta!

Jan was happily greeted by our parking lot team, who had the embarassing job of telling her that all lots were full, as were the streets around the campus, and then giving her suggestion of somewhere else to park. "See, God!" Jan cried out in her mind, "I knew you didn't like me; there's not even room for me here at church!" Jan left our campus and didn't return for some time.

Jan did eventually come back; however, earlier this time, and was directed to a parking space on campus. She soon came to Christ (per the email above) and is growing in her newfound faith in Him, thanks to God's Holy Spirit, the power of the Gospel and His word, His followers, and oh yeah, thanks to a parking spot!

We still need PCCers who are regulars, especially if you are here for two segments of our morning or attend the 10:30 gatherings, to take the shuttle. You can sign up by either emailing Todd Gumbrecht or through the bulletin insert this weekend at PCC.

Speaking of this weekend, we continue in our Reboot series, picking up where Efrem Smith left off last week. If you missed either the 10:30 or 5:30 gathering, click here to listen to the podcast. We will be exploring how we are to love people...period. Read Matthew 9:35-39 and come ready to worship this Sunday. Be on the lookout for guests as well, won't you.

I love being your pastor!