Thursday, April 04, 2013

We Need to Get Away!

But Jesus often withdrew…  Luke 5:16

The story is told of some African workers who were hired to carry pieces of heavy equipment on their backs to a remote post in the interior of Africa. After several days of marching, one day they refused to pick up their burdens and go any further. They sat by the side of the road turning deaf ears to the appeals of the man in charge. Exasperated, the leader of the expedition asked them, "But why don’t you want to go on?" One of the workers replied, "Sir, we are waiting for our souls to catch up with our bodies."

On the weekend of May 3-5, we are heading as a church family to the beautiful Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains to, as a church community, allow the soul of PCC to catch up with our church body.  While this is always a favorite weekend for so many, I want to challenge every PCC’er to consider making this weekend a priority.

We have worked hard this year at identifying what is memorable for the retreat, the rich traditions that so many of us and our children look forward to, and bringing in new elements that will take this weekend to a whole new level of significance. Here is why I want you to consider joining my family and me at this weekend’s retreat:
  • We need to get away:  If we want to be like Jesus, we best copy ALL of His life, not just His teachings.  Look at Luke 5:16 – Jesus often withdrew.  There are so many benefits from taking 36 hours and withdrawing, unplugging and being!
  • We need to grow together: Together is an important aspect of the weekend; we weren’t created to do life solo. I hear all the time the longing for intergenerational interaction.  You won’t find any better opportunity than this weekend for that, my friends.  We also do “together” really well as a church and this weekend will fuel our growth as we focus on what it means to walk as a disciple of Jesus.
  • We need to laugh out loud:  This is my favorite sound from the retreat.  Whether it is the laughter at the tables over a meal, the laughter by the fire pits while roasting S’mores, or the laughter at Frontier Ranch on Saturday afternoon, we need to laugh and this weekend will deliver!  We have added some new intentional elements that will guarantee gut-busting laughter.  Doesn’t that sound inviting?
  • We need to live in traditions: Every healthy family has traditions and whether you have been part of PCC for decades or only for months, this retreat is a great tradition that I am jealous for everybody to experience.
Honestly, what is stopping you from coming this year?  Please don’t let busyness, finances, or “uncomfortableness” be a roadblock.  Please come to the retreat table on the patio this weekend and sign up!

I look forward to being together this Sunday for Mexico Recap Weekend.  My 17-year-old summed up her Mexico trip in two words, “Best ever!”

I love being your pastor.